currently the world’s smallest electro hydraulic actuator unit.

Small, high torque, reliable

The GEHAZ is characterized by a minimum of expenditures for operating, installation and maintenance. As is the case with all other Fahlke electro hydraulic actuators, this actuator technology requires a mere 1/10 of the energy of a comparable purely electric actuator. The GEHAZ can be mounted on any valve, eliminating the need for additional gas or air connection lines, spare air tanks or expensive air compressors to operate your actuators. The GEHAZ is currently the smallest electro hydraulic actuator unit available on the market for the automation of ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, louvers, dampers and other 90° valves.

The advantages

  • Variable torque
  • The most compact generation of electro hydraulic actuators for all applications, explosion proof
  • Significant advantages when compared to purely electric actuators:
  • Only 1/10 the power consumption at the equivalent torque
  • Significantly shorter actuation time
  • The permissible differential pressure in the line is significantly higher
  • Cost reduction thanks to narrower cable diameters
  • Actuation time can also be set after installation
  • Safety closing or opening spring technology is available
  • Simple adjustment to fit any valve

Controller setup

GEHAZ Controller setup

Safety backup

Safety backup