Micro Safety Valves F84M/F85M Micro Safety Valves

Compact gas and thermal safety relief valves of brass and stainless steel construction. Soft seats available in either plastic or elastomer materials. Valves are ideal for instrumentation panels, line blocks on cryogenic storage tanks, thermal relief or "Whistler valve" applications. Made in accordance with ASME Section VIII or "CE" mark. Adjustable blowdown design allows operation close to normal operating conditions.

Connections: 1/4" thru 3/4" NPT inlet; flanges and VCR conn. available
Orifice Sizes: -1 (0.003 in2), -2 (0.015 in2), -3 (0.034 in2), -4 (0.065 in2)
Set Pressures:15 to 10313 psig
Temperature Range: -423 to 525°F