Liquid Pressure Relief Valves

Liquid service valves with carbon steel or stainless steel construction with Teflon or other type plastic seats. These valves are balanced against backpressure without requiring bellows and are chatter free. Valves are ideal for all liquid relief applications including positive displacement pump service. Made in accordance with ASME Section VIII or "CE" mark.

Connections: 1/2" - 2" inlet, threaded, flanged or special.
Orifice Sizes: -2, -4, -8, -G, -J
Set Pressures: 200 to 15,500 psig for -2; 30 to 8382 psig for -4; 30 to 4292 psig for -8; 30 to 3705 psig for -G; 30 to 2700 psig for -J
Temperature Range: -65 to 400°F
Special Features: For water above 140°F, lift levers can be provided, except on -2 size Standard trim of 316SS provides a high degree of corrosion resistance for a large range of lading fluids.