electro hydraulic actuator unit for operation with alternating current

Powerful, distance stable, reliable

As is the case with every Fahlke actuator, the DEHAZ represents a perfect, economical automation solution and can be found, for example, in gas pipeline compressor stations or – in its non-explosion proof version - for automating water lines.

The DEHAZ is capable for automating all types of ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, louvers, dampers and other 90° valves.

The advantages

  • Variable and adjustable torque
  • The power consumption of the Fahlke DEHAZ actuator is a mere 1/10 that of purely electric actuators operating at the same torque and with the same actuation time.
  • The actuation time can be adjusted in both directions in order to achieve an optimum adjustment of the control process.
  • Easy installation on every valve.
  • Power supply possible over longer distances.
  • The DEHAZ can be mounted up to 1,000 m from the power supply.
  • Based on the narrower cable diameter, the cable connection is simpler and significantly more economical than is the case with a comparable electric actuator.
  • Available with emergency hand pump actuation system.

Controller setup and safety backup

Controller setup and safety backup